Sunday, February 1, 2009

The Child in Us...!!

Gone with the wind...

Gone with time....
I crave so much
For the childhood of mine...!!!

Not that my present is dismal or gloomy...It’s just that my past had a lot more to offer and a lot less to worry...!!

When was the last time I looked at the heavens up above....closed my eyes.....opened up my arms ...felt the rain drops on my face without any apprehensions?

When was the last time I glanced out of my window to watch the sparrows defy gravity...hear them chirp so them traverse the vast expanses of land in no time ?

There is only one answer to these and many such questions...!!! A long time back...!

I still miss those days when I could jump out of my seat and almost immediately start to pen down the story that I have been thinking about. I used to spend a lot of time writing short stories; the horror and mystery genre particularly tickled my creative instincts; and I could even manage it in the noisiest of all places. But now-a-days I spend my time hunting for those story books I had written. I don’t know where I have lost them but still haven’t lost hope of finding them.

Not sure when I started losing interest in bursting crackers. I still vividly remember the days when I enjoyed accompanying dad to the market place to buy them. I always used to bargain with him to pick up a few more packets that he wanted to :-). I wonder what has happened to that zest of mine. And this is just one of the things that have lost its charm as I grew up.

Gone are the days when I wanted to become everything...a cricketer, an aeronautical engineer, a cricket commentator, a doctor...all at the same time. Good that I didn’t have to think the practicalities of life at that time...:-) But I still say my ambitions were much clearer at that time than what it is today...!!!

I sometimes wish life was gifted to us with a rewind button.....I would just keep revisiting my childhood days. Childhoods are so mesmerizing and so advantageous. No qualms or worries of whatever we do. Life is so much at peace. We never cared to have a look at our self in the mirror before rushing out to meet friends. We were never so particular about our hair...our attire...while going to a relative’s house. When was the last time we avoided doing such things after we grew up??

Childhood brings with itself ....a bagful of fun....loads of responsibilities...ample time at our disposal to do whatever we like.....lots of pampering and yes unending attention. The best part is that we are not held responsible for all our juvenile tantrums because we are expected to be that way. But the biggest irony is that we all realize all this after we grow up and then there is no looking back again...!!

Alas...!!! I cannot do much to bring those days back to life....all I can do is keep revisiting them through my memories. On Second thoughts I guess there is a way of reliving the magic..!!! Maybe this is possible by keeping the child in us alive-and-kicking for as long as we can. We could do this by doing exactly what a child does. Try and not hesitate to express our feelings....nor be circumspect about the world around us...if we feel like doing something....we should probably just go ahead and execute it....never mind it being the craziest of all ideas...never think of how good or bad it is. We should not take life too seriously all the time...and instead visualize it as a small kid would do. Be as curious as he is on seeing something delighted as he is on receiving an answer to his queries. Be as he is. By doing this I think we can revive the bright shades of our childhood from time to time and definitely paint a happy picture for our life ahead.

Just some food for thought..!!!


  1. agree with you... miss my childhood too :(
    but do you you think, the 'big-bad' world will let "the child" be.??

  2. Gone with the wind...

  3. Beautiful write up...
    Indeed childhood is the best phase in everyones life that explains why we all most often travel back into our childhood memories..
    Sometimes trying to re-live the moments and sometimes just remembering the beautiful past :-)

  4. Many ppl that I know about (including u) r still child at their heart, and thats a great thing. So missing childhood is not succha big thing.

    I miss being 21

  5. more than the childhood part what bothers me is the loss of our innocence..we are born with the gift of innocence but sadly enough lose it somewhere down the lane..
    nice write up :)

  6. surely i support your point of view.. keeping alive as long as you can the child within yourself makes you stress free n happy .. but it doesnt mean that such people are childish ..
    nice column..keep it up

  7. Aah! I touched my heart. Very well written...
    And yea, I miss my childhood too... though I'm 16! :(
    Those were the days...! Those were the childhood days...! :( :|