Saturday, September 1, 2012

What do I write about?

It’s been quite a while I haven’t put words to Word (Microsoft word I mean...Ahem). I feel I am facing one of those blogger’s block! Hands are itching to pen thoughts but paucity of interesting topics holds me back. I had even thought of updating my Facebook status message as

“Gosh! I haven’t been writing in a long time!”

Then sanity prevailed as I realized it would encourage my wife updating the same Facebook (FB) status by replacing the word ‘writing’ with ‘shopping ‘ (Believe me both these messages connote the same set of emotions within me and my wife respectively :P). As it is now-a-days, our FB status message gets lost on our wall very easily between a hoard of pictures claiming to either make you laugh or bring you good luck by sharing them. Metaphorically, status messages tend to visibly cling on your wall only as far as Rohit Sharma seems to stick on the pitch these days!  

Nevertheless, let me explore if there is anything interesting happening around us these days….!

Where do I start?

Politics? Mmmmm…ok here we go...

TIME’s underachiever Manmohan Singh still refuses to break his ‘maun’ vrat. So no point talking about it ;) (At this rate he will soon be re-christened to ‘MUMmohan Singh’: P). MP’s bunking Parliament sessions at a rate which would put college students to shame! Both BJP and Congress blaming each other for policy misuse aka playing ‘Monkey in the Middle’…needless to say who the monkey here is.  Growth rates are dipping but government yet claims ‘All Izz Well’. Sharad Pawar named in another scam. Same old banal events month after month! Nothing interesting to write about!

Err...wait. No! Pawar has avoided being named in any controversy this quarter…quite an achievement I say! Could be a possible topic ;)

Fight-against-Corruption made a special appearance (yet again) courtesy Baba Ramdev. In fact I was waiting, with bated breath, for Baba to do a Ramlila encore and (this time) flee in possibly a Nauvaree (a traditional 9 yard saree) so that I could then write a satirical piece on it. But both Baba and the government disappointed…Tch.Tch.

Let’s explore the sporting arena. Aha! I have the just concluded London Olympics to write about! India did well this Olympics and ended with our best medal tally till date. Analysts, critics, coaches and players all claiming that we could have fared far better only if we had adequate facilities, sponsors, equipment and grass root development in sports. Oh wait! Weren’t these the same issues raised after Beijing Olympics? I guess it will remain a perennial problem and will prominently feature in Ramchandra Guha’s book titled ‘100 years after independence’. I think I should leave it to Guha to do the honors and write about this ;)

Let’s move to my favorite sport – Cricket! It never disappoints. Or Does it?

Team India is battling towards that No. 1 spot in ODIs & Tests by playing trite series with Sri Lanka and New Zealand. It seems N Srinivasan has promised to take the Men in Blue to the top ranking by his sheer administrative skills (Read as – by scheduling home series or series with Bangladesh, Afghanistan etc.). Everyone seems happy that India is winning and all that criticism in print about our disastrous performances in England & Australia has found its way to the chanawala outside railway stations. Not the ideal incentive to write for. ;)

Hockey..? Let me think! After our worst ever Hockey Olympics, Shimit Amin is all set for this next directorial venture Chuck De! India. Need I say more?  

Bollywood - India’s sparse tiger count went up by one after the release of ‘Ek Tha Tiger’. The film which smashed all box office records for opening week and is all set to become the highest Indian grosser. But before you jump the gun and suggest me to write about his mindless films or his Rajanikant-esque fan following, let me remind you of a very apt opening line of Ek Tha Tiger review by  Mayank Shekhar - “Reviewing a Salman Khan film is like ironing a pair of jeans: really, what’s the point. People will watch it anyway.” Says it all!

Phew! I think I have finished scanning all fields where Indians are newsmakers! And now I am officially exhausted of ideas. I guess there is nothing to write about till Sachin’s retirement. Oh gosh...Wait! That’s after the next world cup in 2015!

Guess it’s time I retire from blogging then! 


  1. Nice one Aditya...funnier than your earlier posts :)

  2. A classic post for "The week that wasn't" concept Adi. I think you should have a weekly post specifically related to the week that went by. And you can include Politics, Sports, Bollywood etc.. Would be worth a try, what say Adi?

  3. @Rajashree: Thanks ;) Glad you liked it!
    @Binu: Ya interesting concept...worth trying ;)

  4. MUMmohan Singh

    Reviewing a Salman Khan film is like ironing a pair of jeans: really, what’s the point. People will watch it anyway.

    Funny. Enjoyed reading it.