Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Dreamz unlimited!!!

How desperate can an entire nation get to see one man’s dream fulfilled? How often does it happen that more than a billion people have the same ‘dream’ as one man? (A concept that even beats Christopher Nolan’s novel idea of Inception;)) Welcome World Cup 2011.

A “What’s-on-your-mind” survey reveals that the top most thing that Indian public desperately want at this hour is ‘Sachin’s cabinet to be complete with the prized WC2011 silverware’. ‘Good hike in salary this year’ came a close second in this survey followed by ‘Relief form 24x7 incessant news channels’.

Too much is talked about the Cricket World Cup (nothing new about that)....right from News print coverage to surrogate ad controversies to innumerable discussion forums across the news channels. I just hope people don’t get bored by all this before the real thing starts! But one thing that differs this time from the past World Cup is that everyone is talking of winning the cup for Sachin’s sake and not for our nation…A bit unfair I would say...but who’s complaining…that man deserves it all!! Even the ‘critics of Sachin’ (If at all any such Homo sapiens have descended on earth) will pray that this last jibe at the trophy by the Master Blaster should yield the desired result.

It’s not just the so called common man that is upbeat about this whole affair, even politicians and famous personalities have joined this campaign of “Cup for Sachin”....

Pawar has declared that if we win the World Cup all the grains stacked in the godowns will be distributed free of cost to the needy class and subsidies will be provided on onions (That is certainly a kind gesture and also shows how much the cup coming to India means to him ;))

Mayawati has agreed to part off with one crossroad (which she had reserved for posting her statue) in the heart of the Lucknow and will erect a Sachin Tendulkar statue if India brings home the cup

US President Barack Obama has stuck his neck out and said that irrespective of whether Sachin gets the World Cup or not he should be nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize for the mere fact that he has been able to unite the Indians for 20 long years with his game (whenever he takes to field and even off it) – an achievement that even could not be gained even once by any of the government in our 61 years of Republic status ;)

The IPL Party is not to be left behind…Mumbai Indian’s owner claims that he will wear the same shirt (as he did in the entire IPL) every time Sachin plays in the World cup to bring him good luck ;) Vijay Mallya has promised a booze and party free World cup for himself (in support for this campaign for Sachin)but plans to celebrate big time on the eve of World cup finals (no matter who wins the cup…;)).

Meanwhile a certain A Raja seems not too impressed by all this lunacy around Sachin. He says “If the CBI does its job efficiently they can reveal much more mind boggling statistics (read as scam details) from me and my aides that will even beat Sachin’s unmatchable career records.” (This statement was posted on WikiLeaks website by the chaiwallah who serves tea to the former telecom minister in between his grueling Q&A session at the CBI Headquarters)

Well to sum it up….All these years Sachin was under pressure to win the World Cup for India but this time around the scenario is pretty different, people are expecting Dhoni and his boys to win it for Sachin. Some people say “If cricket is a religion then Sachin is God”. But little do they know that even the real God plans to put His feet up and let Sachin run the show after his retirement from cricket ;)

P.S. This is my small little way to join the “Cup for Sachin” bandwagon ;). I don’t know if a billion dreams will be achieved come this WC2011. All I can say is give it your best shot Sachin and the rest as they say is destiny! (I wish that the Inception guy would come up with a way to not just enter dreams but also fulfill them)


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