Friday, November 28, 2008

A Letter to Mumbai Blast Terrorist

Date: 27th November 2008

Dear Terrorist,

Mumbai lost its sleep on a Wicked Wednesday(26th Nov 2008)..and woke up to an even worse Thursday(27th Nov 2008)... all thanks to you..!!. I know you and your brothers have an emotional attachment with Mumbai and it occupies a very special corner in your heart. Mumbai, a very soft target, witnessed unimaginable terror in wake of the grenade attacks and frenetic firings in and around strategic locations of the city. I must compliment you on your planning and co-ordination to carry out operations so efficiently. Very adeptly you have targeted the high life of Mumbai (Taj & Trident Hotels) and also the common man’s life (Vileparle Blasts & CST Station firings) and made sure that the repercussions of these attacks were felt by entire Mumbai.

I had never witnessed the CST Station bearing such a deserted look...nor had I seen the Taj Hotel in such a panic and terrified state before.

Look at what you have done....

  • You have definitely succeeded in instilling fears in the minds of every Indian especially Mumbaikars but to some extent only. You haven’t been able to shake up our spirit (the famous ‘Mumbai Spirit’) and our verve that is an integral part of our personality
  • You certainly have rocked financial epicentre of India but also made sure that the stock markets gets a much needed rest it deserved. Even the SENSEX was tired of reaching new depths. Good that you made the investors happy for at least a day.
  • People who dared to venture out of their houses had a pleasant surprise waiting for them...! They had an once-in-a-lifetime opportunity of watching Mumbai‘s scenic life from the window seat of local trains instead of their daily routine of fighting for the fourth seat or competing with thousands to find leg space inside trains. All credit goes to you....!
  • You may have forced the authorities to close down all the schools and colleges but whose complaining...?? The students are certainly not..!
  • The current India-England ODI series has been called off as a tribute to your noble acts. The England team will definitely heave a sigh of relief and thank you profusely for helping then avoid an embarrassing whitewash

This is best that you have achieved...and can ever get...!!

Do not be ecstatic about the results you managed to pull off...These were possible only due to some strong reasons which I wish to clarify to you...

  • Firstly there are 6 million odd people risking their lives in Mumbai's commuter trains. Checking every bag and briefcase is simply a logistical impossibility.
  • The Indian Judicial System (courts & police) is currently busy in solving the 30 million pending cases and that also includes your previous attempts to sabotage the image of Mumbai (The Ghatkopar Bus blast , the July 2006 Train bombings). Once they are done with it kindly be a little cautious since your days of freedom then will be numbered.
  • The opposition parties are busy with their anti-government strategy regarding the nuclear deal and the privatization of pension funds. Once they come together and assist the government to maintain law and order in the society then you are in for a big surprise
  • Also the government is currently concentrating on the upcoming general elections and on finding reasons and excuses to quote that ‘India is not impacted by the Global Financial turmoil’
  • Last but not the least, Mr Raj Thackeray – who has hardly any time from his Anti-Bihari Campaign. Just pray that he doesn’t find time or else once he decides to come in public against are a dead duck for sure..! His scathing comments and fiery speeches are enough to bring even the best in business down to their knees. Good that you haven’t heard from him yet

Remain rest assured that once all of these get their act together we will certainly be a force to reckon and don't expect India to waver after that. I thank you from the bottom of my heart because you have made us realize that we can fight terrorism only if we combine our efforts. Once we achieve this we would then transform into such a potent force that no organization like yours will even dare to think of entering India. And to add to it you will even sleep with your backs to our country.

I would like to conclude this letter saying that you have failed to hit Mumbai. You could only inflict a mere cut on our flesh. Once the cut dries up and cures all that will be left is a scar – a painless scar....that will constantly keep reminding us the golden rule that you have taught us – “Be United”.

In case you plan to come to Mumbai again you will be surprised to see a jam packed CST Station, people walking fearlessly near the Taj hotel, friends and colleagues having a jolly good time at Leopold Cafe and people streaming out of Metro Cinemas discussing the movie they just watched – yes these are the same areas that you visited this time - everything would be the same as before. The one thing that you will find missing is the fear that you tried to imprint on their minds. That would have been replaced by a greater passion and zest to make Mumbai a better place to live.

Thanking You

Yours Sincerely
A True Mumbaikar

P.S. You call yourself the Deccan Mujahideen right? Mujahideenrefers to the sacrifice committed by oneself for ‘Jihad’. In return for all the great help you have been to us all throughout we would like to have the honour of sacrificing you for your noble cause called Jihad.


  1. Rightly said dude !! The attacks are nothing but a scar .. that keeps the mumbai united !!

    The fearless mumbaikar will come in the dreams of terrorists not the other way round

  2. awesome..its good to see the optimism and the positivity somewhere after all shit tat's happened..loved the end a lot..

    Oh and considerin this's ur first SCENE MAADTI IDIYA!

  3. Very well written...

    It truly is the Victory of the Indians :-)

    Condolences to all who faced damages due to this audacious act.. And my Salute to all the brave men who made it possible for all the Indians and other Nationals to breathe easy... These men undoubtedly are the heros who time and again have helped making this place safe...

  4. First of all my condolences for who have died & Salute to the bravehearts.

    Adi a letter well written. It is rightly quoted "Great Nations fall not because of external threats but due to internal weaknesses".

    Hope the terrorists (the real and the disguised) who are trying to disrupt the spirit of living read this letter.

  5. Its just too good!!!!!

    Adi u have expressed the true feelings of Mumbaikars....nd no doubt the fact that things will surely become better!!!!

  6. Well written bro

    But enough of these Spirit of Mumbai.But the true thing is not this spirit but our necessity forces us to continue our daily routine.Do we have any option?Can we sit at home?We are forced to leave our homes even though there is danger to our lives.Our politicians use this term 'Spirit of mumbai' for their advantage.They take us as granted.Everytime such things happens we weep and forgets it after some period.But now not this time,This is the time to sit on their heads and demand our rights, our safety.We don't want this issue to die down.We had enough of this Ganghigiri,Now its time to keep it aside and take some actions.We have to change ourselves and force the policos to change the system.

  7. Kudos to you Adi!! This shows the true feeling of a mumbaikar.. But the sad part is we stand united for couple of days.. our politicians keep talking of "spirit of Mumbai" and everything just ends there..

  8. Hey Adi... Nice article.. I enjoyed reading it... without your permission I am going to do a little bit of publicity for you... I am going to copy paste the article and the link to your blog in a mail and circulate it around.. I hope you don't mind...

  9. hi adi,
    I fully enjoyed to read ur column which was highly optimistic , but i would have wished sincerely the questions which raised after the incident . only few men couln't hold the entire scenario for full on 2 days . who was behind it.. a well planned network ? Is our security system so weak ? thirdly as said on news why no precaution was taken after a tip off threat attack was given by intelligence bureo ? ... and many more .. if we were talking about spirit then its the neccesity to keep moving on .. :)
    keep writing