Sunday, November 13, 2011

What I would love to be...

“Far away there in the sunshine are my highest aspirations. I may not reach them but I can look up and see their beauty, believe in them and try to follow them.” 

- Louisa May Alcott quotes, American Author 

Well my story is pretty much similar to this adage....I have tried to follow my aspirations...failed....tried again....and failed again....! 

An aeronautical engineer....a cricketer....a doctor....mmmm.....and what not! I wanted to become everything and became nothing. I am still not sure where I am headed towards but I certainly miss not being any one of these. Though these ambitions were the result of the so called “Juvenile syndrome” where we always like to believe we would be one amongst the people we are fascinated with. We all fall prey to this syndrome only to be disappointed as we age. These fascinations were completely impractical....very far-fetched and often not well thought off...! 

Well that was my past for you.....!! I am still enthralled by certain professions and would love give these a shot.......

Cricket Umpire
I couldn’t become a cricketer......I feel disappointed but I don’t regret it...To be frank I did not have the talent to be one...but it’s least I am happy that I have the passion for a game which has the mystic powers to charm every Indian. Well the one way to be connected with the game I love is - being an umpire. The policy being very simple...If you can’t touch the clouds at least scales the mountain peak. The advantages are get to be part of the game from very close quarters and at the same time the job is pretty exciting. Imagine the adrenaline rush when thousands are ogling at you with high expectations that you will a judge the lbw correctly and of course the pressure that follows... :-). Another added advantage I see is that you get to travel all round the globe. And the icing on the cake is getting paid for all this.... :-) 

An author
Books and their authors have always fascinated me….During my childhood days I used to keep track of various books and their authors…I even used to remember authors of our English textbook chapters. Deep down inside my heart I have this burning ambition to write a book one day. On what topic...?? Mmmmm....autobiography..??? Naah... my life’s not so interesting that I could pen it down ;)....Maybe fiction....but fiction writer needs to have a creative bend of mind to create fictional characters…panache to weave a nice plot around them…competency to design a climax. Alas I have neither! The mystery genre also excites me but that makes writing a book much more difficult. It has to keep the readers at the edge of their seats. Phew…that’s a tough job. I wonder how the Dan Brown’s , Khaleid Hosseini’s manage to lend such simplicity to their writing. I believe the key in a scripting a good book is when the reader actually starts to visualise what is being described in it…the roads...the structures…the setup...the characters…! Well I certainly have the recipe for a good book but not sure how well I can cook...:P

I am quite sceptical of whether I will be able to fulfil my ambitions....or whether I will be a victim of the big-bad-world-around only to be trapped in a conventional job - where your bank account is credited at every month end only to be emptied within a week....:-)

Maybe I will try...and fail again...!!

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  1. If you ever come across someone you personally know who says that he is doing _exactly_ what he has always wanted to do let me know. I have only seem such people on television or in the papers :)