Monday, August 16, 2010

It’s an animal world out there..!

The Indian media constantly seems to be on the lookout for a scapegoat or a controversy to fill in their 24 x 7 news slot or they need a never-to-be-seen news piece to capture TRPs’. The FIFA world cup just gave what they needed. No! I am not talking about Spain’s maiden world cup win...but it’s Paul – the one who predicted their victory, which had caught the media’s attention. Paul the Octopus achieved demi-god like status and also managed to create a few foes...quite a feat in itself..! Though he had some competition from his Asian counterpart Mani the was Paul that was smiling all the way and capturing more print and news space in India than even Saina Nehwal – the first Indian to win three international competitions in a row. It was unbelievable to see Paul-the-prophet get entire page coverage in a reputed and highly circulated newspaper whereas the grave situation in J&K gets a bare 500 word article.

Nevertheless the Oracle Octopus....has attained celebrity status...I guess at a level comparable to Laika – the first dog to visit space. For Paul it all started with predicting results for Germany and his services were later utilized for non-Germany matches also. This cephalopod mollusc has achieved the distinction of being probably the first animal to receive a death threat. Had it been in India I am sure you would have 2 constables standing outside the aquarium and the commissioner making a personal visit to ensure the octopus is safe :-) He also stunned the world by retiring from his astrology profession at his peak.

Well maybe then it’s time for Paul to think beyond predicting football matches..!

Maybe Paul should come and try out his luck in India.....sounds like a money-spinning idea to me...worth trying I believe. Well this is what I feel would be the top 5 assignment Paul would end up with if imported to our very own India.......

  • The audience of India sure needs a lot of rest after they have been constantly voting for some Tom Dick and Paul...oops Harry on a host of reality shows on every other television channel. It’s time now that contestants are eliminated courtesy Paul. Be it dance girls...gala rounds...laughter challenges...Paul certainly can be a ‘Big Boss’
  • Provide the much needed guidance to ambitious politicians on which Pawar portfolios oops...Power portfolios to hold and what sporting federation elections to compete in :-)
  • Octopus Baba can give all other swami’s and baba’s a run for money where with his new avatar of an astrologer predicting the day ahead for all zodiac signs...or even picking up tarot cards...!
  • Paul can certainly bring the much needed luck to Team Cochin special after the IPL-Gate and would assist and their management (whoever that is....heheh) in predicting the right team combination in the upcoming bidding process
  • Enough of dummy & stuffed mascots for games. Paul could be the official mascot for this year’s Common Wealth games held in India (i.e if the CWG committee get time to organize games). He could emerge as the first live mascot ever to be selected in any international sporting event around the world and also the committee can finally say they spent money on something really useful
Just imagine the kind of money Paul could generate. Surely Paul’s entry into India would boost a host of such multi-talented animals fighting with each other for supremacy. Every other person would nurture their pets and train them in some specialized area. It wouldn’t be long before the government would recognize the “Animalia sector” and its contribution to India’s GDP. They might even put a FDI cap and limit the number of foreign players in this sector ;)

Well till then enjoy the attention Paul..!!

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