Saturday, September 5, 2009

"Quote Unquote"

I have come across many quotes in books and on the net and have stumbled upon some real gems. I especially like the ones which are very facile and unadorned, but when you read them, it definitely rings a bell in your mind and tickles your grey cells. Some of the good ones that I have come across are:

The most beautiful thing is to see a person smiling…

And even more beautiful is...knowing that you are the reason behind it!!!

Another one says....

Aim the sky and you will reach the mountain top..!

But there is one that finds a special place in my heart and probably an even special place in my life. It goes something like this.....

I cried because I had no shoes.....
Until I turned around and found someone without legs....!!

I was in Class IV when my English teacher wrote this one on the blackboard. The last line hit me so hard that I jerked a bit on my seat almost instantly. After that I somehow couldn’t move an inch. She explained us the meaning and her words just seemed to pierce my heart. I somehow found it very profound and yet so true. So deep and insightful was the meaning attached to it quite contrary to the way it was expressed – in simple and lucid terms. As I slowly started to comprehend its meaning I was feeling really low. I felt really bad for millions of children that are unable to attend school and ironically the same morning I had whined a lot for going school. Suddenly images started to flash in front of my eyes....images of children with physical disabilities...people living on roadsides...women begging on streets. I suddenly realized how lucky I was to be sitting on the bench and listening to what my teacher was explaining.

This quote holds its fort in all walks of life........ Whenever you find yourself cribbing about something....just thank your stars that at least you have something to crib upon. There are many hapless people that lack even the basic necessities of life. Whenever you regret a decision in life...start counting the number of people you came across who can’t even make their own decision. The next time you curse yourself as unlucky...think about the millions of intellectually challenged kids who are born cursed with no mistake of theirs.

The best part of this thought is that it has absolutely no negative connotations about it. As in it does not ask you to stop chasing your dreams...your aspirations...your desire to achieve more. It just conveys that always be contented with whatever you have or get in your pursuit of extracting more from life. It tells us to value the things we have – however trivial it may seem to us. It is more of a humbling message that the quotation delivers. It definitely sets me thinking every time I read it...!

My teacher erased these golden words from the blackboard but they remain permanently inscribed in my heart. I do not remember what was her purpose of explaining this...was it a part of her lecture...or was it to explain someone’s behaviour ....I can’t recollect. But these words are etched in my memory till this day. Thought I will just share it with you...!!!


  1. I had heard these words soo many times from you and today when I read it in your blog, it feels as magical as ever !!
    Awesome thoughts... inscribed in the heart of an awesome human being :-)
    Great work chor ;) keep it up !

  2. Hi i too have come across this quote before, but the deeper meaning has been very well captured. Does put a lot of things we do or say in perspective...Sets me thinking alright!!

  3. I just love ur article adi... very well thought out especially the second last para

  4. This is neither ABS nor Unitech have changed..........
    For a a person working in Unitech for more than 3 years ...
    the last but one para values a lot....

  5. I have my ideas about Mr./Ms. Anonymous who decided to bring up words which he/she is not supposed to do so as per the confidentiality agreement that he/she might have signed with his employer and client!

    Anyway, the first time I read the quote (boy with no legs) I liked it. And then in typical IT industry style I kept on receiving it again and again (for a count, I can guess at least a dozen times!) and somehow its impact got diluted!

    And oh yeah, looks like you had a good English teacher in Std IV! Reminds me of my excellent English teacher in Std VIII...(excellent as in the grammar that she used to teach us).